Oh my, why on earth?

To create perfect products, we had to travel back in time

Yes, it is true. Believe it. We went way before plastic and metal injection molding was invented. In a world where consumers are used to products with short life cycle, one can see more and more cheap materials and solutions in firearm products. These products can take only so much before breaking down. We wanted to manufacture products old school, like they used to. To make things last and take the heavy use they were intended for.

Extremely robust

Our actions are precise and accurate with extremely robust build including STANAG rail and recoil lug machined into the receiver. The bolt stop is very durable and bears on the wall of the action, not the pin. This makes it able to take heavy use without breaking.

Smooth operator

Our precision machined components guarantee a smooth operation of C Series actions. Manufacturing tolerances in our actions are tight, yet designed with enough clearance to allow smooth function despite of sand and grit that might cause other actions to lock up completely. You can trust a C Series action continue to function even in the toughest conditions.

Everything ready for you

Once you purchase our rifle action, whether a singleshot or repeating, you have all the needed components in the package. In addition to the essential action components, our actions include also trigger, bottom metal with trigger guard and a magazine (magazine included only with repeating actions). All of our actions are delivered completely assembled, fully functional and factory fine tuned. Ready for you to rock 'n roll. We wanted to give our customers full flexibility in choosing the best product and a perfect match for individual needs. We can deliver you a complete rifle with a C-series action, a barreled action, or just the fully functioning and fully assembled rifle action.

Features that no other rifle action has

We have implemented several features and options in our actions that allow our customers to fully customise an action for a specialised use or preference. Depending on the options chosen our C-series actions can be easily fine tuned for sport shooting, hunting or tactical use.

Fast striker and reliable ignition

The striker in our actions has been optimized to minimize the length of firing pin fall and the time it takes from trigger sear disengagement until primer ignition, in other words lock time. The lock time in our actions is as low as 1.7 milliseconds. Having a short firing pin fall combined with fast lock time is advantageous to accuracy.

Detachable bolt handle

The bolt handle can be detached from the bolt and replaced if desired. The handle is easily removed from the bolt. Detachable bolt handle makes it possible to install new versions of bolt handles as they are introduced.

Right and left handed

Our actions have right and left handed configurations available. It is even possible to have loading port on both sides of the receiver. Cartrdige case extraction can be set to the right or left hand side.

Environmental friendliness

What can be more environmental friendly than a product that you never throw away? Even though we use modern technology to produce industrial products, make no mistake, there's no compromise in materials and manufacturing methods used.

The design

Already tired of receivers having a round shape and remind more a simple round bar than a rifle receiver? There is a reason many manufacturers produce rifle receivers this way. Because production is low cost. We did not make any compromise with the durability, precision, strength and reliability in our action design. Why would we then have made compromise in the aesthetics? In our opinion a rifle action shoul look like a rifle action and that is why we did not make any compromise on the aesthetics trying to avoid manufacturing costs.


Well, you said that you did not try to save any costs at the expense of the action features and design. Your products must be expensive then? No, not really. We are absolutely trying our best to make our actions affordable for you without compromise in the features and design. Take a look at our pricing compared to other action manufacturers (account registration required). You just simply won't find all the functionality, all the needed components and features with the same price from our competitors. We will try our best to keep it that way too.

Stock compatibility

Our receivers have a flat bottom for easy stock inletting, bedding and for getting a precise fit into any stock. Our actions can be installed on any stock designed for Remington 700 actions, but not limited to that. Action inlet does however differ from Remington 700 actions.

Magazine compatibility

Our actions are compatible with Accuracy International magazines. AI magazines combined with our action features guarantee fast and reliable cartridge feed.

Easy to use and maintain

The bolt stop works automatically and the bolt can be removed from the action using one hand only without having to press any buttons or pull any levers. Not to worry though, you can't do this by accident when shooting. Bolt disassembly and assembly is really easy too. No tools required, just your hands.

Mounting auxiliary equipment

All of our actions feature a NATO Accessory Rail (NAR) precisely machined on top of a receiver according to the STANAG 4694 specification. STANAG 4694 rail is the latest standard for mounting auxiliary equipment such as telescopic sights, tactical lights, laser aiming modules, night vision devices or reflex sights to small arms. STANAG 4694 is also backwards-compatible with the STANAG 2324 or MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail, but provides much better repeatability for equipment mounting.

Low scope base

We made it easy for you. You can always go higher with scope mounts, but to go lower, there's always a limit. The STANAG 4694 rail is machined directly into the receiver. This makes it possible to keep the height of the back end of the rail to an absolute minimum even with 30 MOA rail versions. This benefits the shooter as the distance measured from the mid point of a mounted scope to the stock cheeck piece is shorter than in other actions.