Medium rifle action "CM-WIN" 0 MOA

Medium rifle action "CM-WIN" 0 MOA

Brand: W&L Firearms
Product Code: CM-WIN-AT-0-RP-RH-LPR-CER-UC
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C-Series medium size rifle action, CM. Right handed and right port with magazine. All W&L actions are shipped in steel white (uncoated) by default. Surface finishing and coating options available for dealers. The bolt handle has readiness for attaching different style bolt knobs. The action is delivered fully assembled and factory fine tuned for perfect function.

Package contents:

  • Receiver
  • Bolt
    • Bolt handle
    • (2) plungers
    • (2) plunger springs
    • Plunger pin
    • M16 style heavy duty extractor
    • Extractor spring
    • Extractor pin
    • Firing pin
    • Firing pin spring
    • Rear piece
  • Bottom metal
    • Trigger guard
    • Magazine plate
    • Magazine guide
    • Magazine release
    • Magazine release spring
    • Magazine release pin
    • (2) cap screws
    • (1) hex screw
    • (2) aluminum bedding pillars for perfect fit and function
  • Trigger
  • Trigger attachment screw
  • AI magazine (Win base)
Action size Medium (CM)
Suitable calibers .243 Win / .260 Rem / 6.5x47 Lapua / 7mm-08 Rem / 308 Win / 338 Federal / 9,3x51
Handedness Right handed
Case extraction To the right hand side
Thread M28 x 1.5
Accessory rail STANAG 4694 Rail: 0 MOA machined into frame
Magazine Accuracy International
Trigger Fully adjustable for pull weight and creep
Loading port(s) On the right side
Bolt face Ø 12.10 mm / .476"
Lugs Three lugs, 60 degree bolt turn
Extractor M16 style extractor
Ejection Automatic with two plungers
Handle Interchangeable bolt knob
Coating Uncoated
Finish Steel white
Weight 1600 g (with all components, excluding magazine)
Included Receiver including all components and small parts, fully adjustable trigger, bolt including all components and small parts, bottom metal including all small parts, Accuracy International 5rds magazine
Delivered as Fully assembled

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