If you can break it...

Developed for heavy duty use in harsh arctic conditions

Our bolt actions have been developed for heavy duty use in harsh arctic conditions with sub-zero temperatures. We machine our receivers and bolts from solid heat treated high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel bars for unparallel strenght. The alloy special steel combined with special heat treatments and unique technical design urges us to state that our bolt actions are propably the toughest in the world! Well, we didn't succeed in breaking them and not for lack of seriously trying to! If you are able to break a receiver, bolt or breech parts from an action of our make by shooting with it, we will ship you a brand new action as a replacement.

Extra strength and precision

The receiver is machined from one-piece solid steel to maximise the strength, including STANAG rail and recoil lug. Having the rail and recoil lug in the same solid piece even further strengthens and stabilizes our actions. You don't have to worry when tightening a scope base to C-Series STANAG rail. It can surely take it, but be carefull not to break your scope base by overtightening!

Strong and reliable bolt

We use three lugs in C-Series breech locking system. Compared to a regular two lug system, three lugs guarantee faster and shorter 60 degree bolt throw. Our precisely machined three lug system also ensures an even pressure distribution on the lug contact surfaces when breech is locked and the firing commenses. An even pressure distribution also guarantees better precision for breech mechanism and your bolt will never get stuck even with high pressure loads.

Extra strong extractor for field conditions

In most cases, the extractor in a rifle bolt is a weak point and breaks off easily over time. All of our bolts feature an M16 style extractor that take a firm grip from a cartrdige case base and can take the heavy use without breaking.

Reliable cartridge case ejection

The bolts of our CM, CL and CXL size actions have two plungers for reliable and strong cartridge case ejection.

STANAG rail never gets broken or loose

In C-Series actions there are no screws or glue in the STANAG rail attachment to the receiver. The rail is a fixed part of a receiver and thus never gets loose and always stays in the exact same position for auxiliary equipment mounting. You don't have to worry knocking off the rail when attaching an expensive scope on the rail and using calibers with a tougher recoil impulse. Just make sure your scope mounts can take the recoil impulse too.