I am about to order your products, but how should I mark the categories to the import licence application?

We manufacture bolt action rifles, bolt actions and their components designed to be used with center-fire cartridges. Based on active EU directives, our products fall in to either category B or C, depending on the barrel attached by us or to be attached in the destination country:

Rifles: All of our rifles, both single-shot and repeating, belong to category C. This is because we only install barrels of 24" in length or longer and the shortest action we produce is 203 millimeters long.

Barreled actions: All of our barreled actions, both single-shot and repeating, belong to category C. This is because we only install barrels of 24" in length or longer and the shortest action we produce is 203 millimeters long.

Actions: All of our actions currently fall either to category B or C, depending on the barrel you are going to attach to them. The lengths of our C-Series actions are: CM 21,87 centimeters, CL 23,50 centimeters and CXL 28,10 centimeters. Choose the EU category for our actions according to European directives. If you don't yet know what kind of barrel will be installed, safest bet is to apply import licence for actions marked with category B. If you end up having a category C firearm when action has been barreled, no harm done.

Essential component: Is included in the category of the firearms on which they are or are intended to be mounted. As with actions the category will be either B or C depending on the firearm they are going to be put in.

For further information refer to the active EU directives found from http://eur-lex.europa.eu and look for directive Directive 91/477/EEC of June 1991 on Control of the Acquisition and Possession of Weapons and the latest amendments related. At the time of updating this FAQ, the latest active amendment was: Directive 2008/51/EC Amending Directive 91/477/EEC, but new legislation was under way to be formally approved by the EU Council of Ministers.

I am worried about my privacy. Is it safe to register at your site?

Yes. Our site uses SSL encryption for your protection to encrypt any sensitive data. When registering, you are not required to input any sensitive personal data. As we use bank transfers as a method of payment, you never have to hand over any payment or card related sensitive data to us either as you can use your own secured ways to make paymets based on our invoices. We will not sell or hand over your account data to third parties unless legally required to do so by authorities.

Why can't I order a single bolt action with all options of my choice?

Although we would be more than glad to be able to produce also single actions with all options, for production reasons we can not yet offer this. With current options available our catalog of actions forms close to 600 differrent combinations and this is hard to manage even with "on request" type of items. Due to this we had to limit the smallest production batch to 5 actions all having same options in order to keep the time required for production to a minimum allowing us to deliver faster to our customers. We aim to keep in stock different action sizes with most popular options as pre-selected sales items and these can be delivered right away.

It seems that you have not implemented a feature in your actions that is really popular to the type of shooting I practise.

Please let us know what is missing! Million eyes notice missing things faster than only a couple and we thank you for your eyes for spotting this. We will be glad to look into possibility of adding the missing feature too. You can give us feedback through the "Contact us" section, which can be found from the footer under Customer service.

Why don't you take credit cards as a form of payment?

We sell mostly to firearms traders/dealers and invoicing is the common method in business to business sales. Transferring money by bank transfer might sound old fashioned from a consumer point of view, but it is also one of the most secure as you don't give any sensitive data to any other party than your bank. We intend to add credit cards as a payment option later on as this is one of the most easiest ways for consumers to pay for purchases.

Why don't you offer PayPal as a form of payment?

Unfortunately according to PayPal's policy on transactions that involve firearms we can not use their services. With PayPal you can not buy or sell any firearms, firearm parts or ammunition.

I completed my order, but never got the invoice to my email

Sometimes even in the modern age we live in, the "wires" can be long at it will take awhile until the email is finally delivered through the TCP/IP jungle to your email box. Have you also checked the emails in your spam/trash box? Depending on filtering rules and spam preventing software you might have it is possible that your email was delivered but considered as spam by your email client or by your ISP's software. Well sometimes emails get lost, but not to worry! Just go to our site and click "Order History" link from the footer under "My account". Log into your account if you haven't already. You will see all your orders placed and also download your invoices in PDF format.

How can I have an effect on the availability of a product I am interested in?

Each product has the availability field visible when you click a product item. Items having "On request" status will not be kept in stock but will be manufactured once you have ordered them and shipped when ready. Items having "in stock" status will be delivered right away after licence check. If the the field gives an estimate of re-stock ie. "2 weeks", that means that your item is included in an upcoming production batch and will be available as an in-stock item in the given time frame. Adding a product to your wish list will affect to the availability of products. When enough people have put the same product on wish list the item will get higher priority in our production plan. However, wishlist products do not affect the delivery time for already ordered products as we follow "first come first served" principle. The first order will get shipped first.

You claim that you ship to European countries, but I am not given an option to choose the delivery method when trying to checkout!

Unfortunately this is a problem with small shipments and we haven't yet found a logistics route to your town. We would love to be able to use the big global couriers for small shipments to reach every town in Europe, but unfortunately they refuse to deliver firearm related items. The specialised couriers we use will for sure accept our merchandise to be transported out of Finland no problem, but the rest of the route starting from the border of your country is dependant on the transport partners in that country. Many refuse to transport firearms or firearm components. The thing is easier with large batches of restricted items as there are more service providers available who will transport firearms and components all the way. Please contact us and we will figure out a way to deliver to your destination also!

I can't find an answer to my question from this FAQ!

Well, most likely we haven't yet had a question you have in mind. Please email us your question at shop@wlfirearms.com and we will give you an answer and also add it to our FAQ to help other potential clients that might be searching an answer to the same question.