Required licences

All firearms, actions, barreled actions and many of the essential components are restricted material that require a licence/permit for purchasing. We deliver to registered Firearms traders and dealers in European Union countries. Deliveries outside of European Union depending on the destination country. If you are a Firearms dealer outside of European Union, please contact us first that we can make practical arrangement for a delivery to your country. Please see the section "Terms and Conditions" for more detailed information.

Consumers: Please contact your local firearms dealer or specialist shop to place an order for you. Currently we do not deliver directly to consumers.


Forms of Payment

We currently accept payments by bank transfer only. You need to have a registered account in order to checkout. Once you checkout with your shopping cart, an order acknowledgement will be sent to your email address. Later on you will receive an order confirmation emai including an ivoice. All order status updates will be sent to this same email address.


Product availability statuses explained

This is a MTS (Made-To-Stock) product that is held in inventory and we intend to keep constantly available.

This is a MTS (Made-To-Stock) product that is held in inventory but we have run out of stock. This can be pre-ordered, but we don't yet have a status update when the stock is replenished. The Pre-order status will change as we have scheduled the next production batch.

This is a MTS (Made-To-Stock) product that is held in inventory but we have run out of stock. Products can be pre-ordered. The number of days/weeks marked in the availability field indicate the time it takes to get more these products in stock.

The product is considered as a MTO (Made-To-Order) product and is manufactured only when a client order requires the product. MTO type of products always have an "ON-REQUEST" status marked in the availability field.


Order statuses explained

Your order contained items that require a license/permit from your end. We are waiting for your license document(s) to arrive and get confirmed by us. Please send us your Firearms Trade license and your import license (commercial prior consent) by email to address shop@wlfirearms.com. Without these documents we will be unable to deliver any restricted items. To avoid any extra delays, please make sure your license(s)/permit(s) cover all the items in your order.

The order has been successfully received. Processing of the order continues once the payment has been registerered to our bank account.

We have received your payment and the license documents required. If your order contained "on request" type of items, these have been assigned to our production queue. If your order contained in-stock items, your order will be pulled and packaged, and placed to await collection from a shipping provider.

Your order has been shipped.

The checkout process was started, but not completed. Incomplete orders are marked with "Pending" status. Orders that have had pending status over 24 hours will be removed automatically.

Your order has been marked as declined either for lack of manual payment, invalid licences or some other reason. We will contact you and inform you of the exact problem. If your licences were declined by authorities resulting in a situation where we are not allowed to send you the items, we will try our best to try to resolve the issue. Any possible licensing issues will be found out shortly after we have received your licence documents as by law they will have to undergo a validity check process by Finnish National Police authority in co-operation with your local authority who issued the import licence. In case we are unable to deliver your order, we will give you a full refund for your payment.

Your order has been refunded.