Shipping & Delivery



Depending on the destination country and types of items ordered, orders from EU countries are shipped by Itella or specialized couriers. Shipping charges are in addition to the listed price unless otherwise noted. Arrangements for a specific carrier or service should be made when the order is initially placed. Repair returns will be sent to the address from which it was received unless prior arrangements are made.



Returns will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and subject to shipping fees. Shipping fee will not be refunded on returns. Please go to section "Returns" to fill in the form to return an item. You will be instructed step by step. Account registration is required.


Delivery times

The delivery time is calculated from the date we have received your payment. The delivery time means the time it takes to produce and/or package the item(s) from the point we have received your payment to the point we hand over your order to a shipping provider. The delivery time does not include the time your order is in transit. Not all of our products are in-stock items. We have two main categories of products, MTS (Made-To-Stock) and MTO (Made-To-Order). The MTS products are held in inventory and when in-stock can be immediately delivered. The availability of products can be seen from each product page from the availability field. For any in-stock items the product availability field shows "IN-STOCK" as status. The MTS products can also have a status indicating the time when the in-stock. Pre-order is possible with MTS products that are not in stock. The MTO products are only manufactured when a client order requires the product(s). MTO type of products always have an "ON-REQUEST" status marked in the availability field.

Delivery times:

Status Delivery time
IN-STOCK 5 days
PRE-ORDER 10 weeks
amount of days/weeks amount of time marked + 5 days
ON-REQUEST Varies, depends on the production queue